Programs in New Expressive Works

In New Expressive Works’ two professional, well-maintained, fully accessible, adaptable, and affordable performance/rehearsal/class studios in South East Portland, South Indian Classical Dance, Capoeira, Japanese Taiko, Belly Dance, and Argentine Tango co-exist with Western Contemporary, Modern, and Post-Modern performance art forms of music, theater, and dance. N.E.W. artists span the gamut of usage – rehearsing for specific performance deadlines, maintaining a regular artistic practice, and/or teaching and inspiring young and old to investigate and explore their own artistic lives.

All these programs are cultivating an ease of engagement and conversation across artistic genres (traditional and contemporary), types (Western and non-Western), forms (choreographers, musicians, actors, writers, photographers, and other creatives), and ages (five year olds to seventy-five year old).


– Artist in Residency Program
Launched in October 2012 and currently getting ready for its 6th cycle, this is an urban choreographers’ residency program that annually, through two separate 6-month cycles, supports eight diverse choreographers to create new works of artistic excellence. This program is also the only local residency program that incorporates “Fieldwork,” a New York-developed, facilitated forum for peers to share developing works and exchange feedback. To date, 24 local artists have benefitted from this program. Our resource council is made up of the following individuals:- Mike Barber, Erin Boberg Doughton, Michelle Fujii, Katherine Longstreth, CaroleZoom. Learn more here.

– Performance & Workshop Venue
Annually about 150 artists (local, national, and international) teach, create, perform, incubate, and/or rehearse at N.E.W. This, of course, does not include their collaborators, performers, students, or limited time workshop attendees. N.E.W.’s impact in the Portland artscape has given a healthy dose of vital, positive, and fresh energy.

Local performing artists, and arts organizations who benefit from N.E.W. include the artists in residence (24 at this point), Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA), Third Angle New Music, Obo Addy Legacy Project, Natya Leela Academy, UNIT SOUZOU, Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble, Disability Arts and Culture Project, Anjali School of Dance, Tere Mathern, Suniti Dernovsek, Tracy Broyles, Linda K. Johnson, Katherine Longstreth, Agnieszka Laska Dancers, and Meshi Chavez, to name just a few.

Studio 2 has a sprung dance floor 40′ wide by 50′ deep, modern theatrical lighting, an excellent sound system, and seating for audience members. Studio Two has the flexibility to host a wide variety of classes, performances, workshops, and residencies. For more information about upcoming events please visit our classes and performances page. For more information about renting the space please visit our “Rent Our Space” page.

– Space for Diverse Artists
A core tenet of N.E.W. is to support and promote artists of diaspora. N.E.W. provides a venue for classes and rehearsals for diverse artists such as Unit Souzou (Japanese Taiko), the Obo Addy Legacy Project, Disability Arts and Culture Project, Robert Hauk Argentine Tango and Capoeira Raca. Learn more about our classes here.

Artistic home of Natya Leela Academy
This is the only Bharatanatyam (South Indian Classical Dance) dance company and school within the city of Portland. Classes are rigorous and the dance company explores contemporary collaborations and innovative expressions of this ancient dance form. In June 2015, the school presented “Conference of the Birds” through Classical Indian Dance. This is an original choreography (Artistic Director Subashini Ganesan) adapting the 12-Century Sufi poem by the same name. Learn more here.

The TEAM:-
Founder and Director, Subashini Ganesan
Projects Manager, Allie Hankins
Tech Manager, Robin Greenwood